Fundamentally Different

Client well-being is paramount. Our personal values, structure and company culture all contribute to align Hutchison Whitehead with our clients’ interests.

Someone once said that a house does not make a home, rather it is the people who live inside. This is the case at HW. After careful consideration, our small family-owned business was born from the idea that our clients’ well-being is the essence of what we do. Our genuine desire to do the right thing for our clients provides the opportunity for mutually enriching, long-term relationships built on trust, loyalty and a common perspective.

As an independent advisory firm, HW is unique. We are not captive to any product or company and are free to serve only as an advocate for those we advise. Structured as a fee-only advisor, we are compensated for the advice we provide, not the products we implement. This structure, crucial to eliminating a common potential conflict of interest in the financial industry, has given our clients the peace of mind that achieving their goals and the enrichment of their lives is the ultimate purpose for any strategy suggested by HW.

We understand the enormous responsibility of helping our clients bring order to their lives and the impact our guidance has on the realization of their dreams. With dedication, hard work and a steadfast commitment to helping our clients reach their goals, we strive to pay homage to those who pay us. In the end, our success is measured by our clients’ success.

Symphonized Disciplines
Systematic Approach