Systematic Approach

Thinking risk first, then return, we are committed to a systematic, disciplined approach to investing that turns markets into allies rather than adversaries.

Investment decisions cannot be prudent without considering risk. At Hutchison Whitehead we think risk first, then reward. Believing financial markets are efficient, we position our clients to benefit from their intrinsic power while mitigating risk and eliminating emotion. Decisions regarding portfolios are made based on analytical research instead of fleeting emotions or “hunches”. Academic studies have proven that “timing the market” and following investment fads are futile. Our clients appreciate our disciplined, long-term approach that avoids these pitfalls. By utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory, supported by Nobel prize-winning research, and index funds, we provide you with effective, sound strategies for realizing your dreams.

Portfolios we recommend are built on asset classes proven to harness the risk factors that drive returns, while achieving broad, global diversification at low cost and tax consequence. Maximizing diversity within portfolios not only provides our client security, but also allows them to make the markets their ally, not their adversary. Our clients find comfort in knowing that the realization of their goals no longer rides on the ever-changing and unpredictable fortunes of any one company or industry, but the proven stability of the world’s economies.

Our clients can expect to be not only guided in their wealth management, but protected along the way.

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